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Home Water Softener & Conditioner System – UNG Water Spa

Home Water Softener & Conditioner System – UNG Water Spa


Experience the spa at home! Dry Weather, Dry Skins? No worries because the salt free water softener system not only helps improve skin and scalp but also solves all antibacterial... Explore more below

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Experience the spa at home! Dry Weather, Dry Skins? No worries because the salt free water softener system not only helps improve skin and scalp but also solves all antibacterial effects!

Are you tired of your skin feeling dry and irritated? Our home water softener system helps enhance skin and resolves all antiseptic effects! Imagine being able to have the spa experience in your own home whenever you want, without any negative side effects. Our water conditioner system does all that and more! Get a salt-free water softener system today!

UNG Home Water Softener Benefits

  • UNG water conditioner system is a perfect solution to your dry skin and itchy scalp problems so now you can enjoy a stress-free life with antibacterial agent!
  • Water softener system for house is a must-have in dry weather conditions. It helps you get rid of most pollutants, while improving skin and scalp dryness!
  • UNG water spa provides a never-ending stream of healthy and clean water that destroys all kinds virus, bacteria, allergens with its patented technology.
  • The filterless & smart design of UNG water conditioner makes it perfect for any area in your house. It's small enough to install anywhere - under the showerhead or next to kitchen sink!
  • High-tech water softener and filtration system creates a powerful electrostatic field to prevent lime and rust to form around your pipes


  • Water conditioner system can easily install in bathroom showers, bathtubs, and kitchen sinks as a tiny water softener using an electrostatic field.
  • UNG water spa mounts in bathroom, kitchen and even garden taps to deliver pure pristine water. It works with electrostatic field and doesn't require replacement cartridges!
  • Water conditioner makes your tap flow even better! It helps make smell fresh with a special blend of organic ingredients.

Main Functions (Characteristics)

  • Capable of lowering the hardness of water (soft water) and improving quality while sterilizing bacteria.
  • Great way to moisturize dry skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and improve dermatitis.

Product Size of Water Softener Filtration System

  • Diameter 62mm x Total length 150mm (General type)



Multi Usage Water Conditioner

With a self-powered feature (no separate power required), it’s easy to install in bathroom showers, bathtubs, kitchen sinks. Plus, the sleek design looks great in any setting. Enjoy a refreshing shower with UNG water spa.

Contains Antibacterial Effect

Antibacterial properties prevent dermatitis and skin-related diseases by inhibiting and eliminating bacteria & mold. It also keeps the shower smelling fresh. UNG's water conditioner system sterilizes 66.6% of bacteria in water.

Smart Filter Less Design

The UNG water spa has a self-cleaning filter that eliminates up to 90% of water contaminants without having to replace it. Featuring powerful filters to reduce surface tension and prevent harmful substances from adhering to your skin while taking shower.

Skin Care Protective

Protect your skin with a salt-free water softener system. It helps relieve skin and scalp dryness through removal of antibacterial contaminants. UNG water spa flush out hard minerals like calcium and magnesium, which clog pores and dry out the skin.

How to Install?

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Water Treatment Apparatus using Electrostatic Field


Water Treatment Apparatus using Electrostatic Field


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Can you use your daily tap water with confidence?

Water that you shower can have the following detrimental effects by old pipes, etc. White lime, Arsenic, Lead, Copper, Nitrate, Micro-plastics, Chlorine.

Skin absorption of harmful water is as dangerous as eating, skin cell destruction, accelerated aging. Contaminated water vapor in the bath is like breathing.

This product protects the skin from harmful substances based on high technology proven for 10 years.

Change of Water, Skin . Hair Plus Care!


15% softer water than tap water when using this product.

Antibacterial effect

66.6% (~99.9%) of bacteria sterilization in water and the water treated by the product have 60.8% (~94.7%) of clean washing (sterilization) water performance. Prevents dermatitis and skin diseases, inhibits and prevents bacteria and mold in the shower.

Better cleaning

It improves 17% compared to tap water, and cleans up dirt contaminated in pores such as fine dust and yellow dust!

Skin moisturizing

Water molecules with weakened hydrogen bonds penetrate deep into pores.

Scalp keratin control

Improves max 93.9% of scalp keratin by skin moisturizing

Hair damage prevention

Effective removal of residual detergent improves max 12.3% of the hair cuticle erosion ratio.

Self powered

No separate power required. Economical, Safe, Convenient.

No filter required

Reduces surface tension and prevents harmful substances from sticking to the body when taking a shower.

10-year lifespan (semi-permanent)

Composed of a combination of durable parts