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UNG Water Spa


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Experience the spa at home! Dry Weather, Dry Skins, No Worries because the soft UNG Electronic Water SPA not only helps improve skin and scalp, but also solves all antibacterial effects!

Dry Weather, Dry and Itchy Skins, No Worries! The UNG Electronic Water SPA not only helps improve skin and scalp dryness, but also removes most of the antibacterial contaminants!

The UNG Electronic Water SPA provides a constant stream of healthy and clean water that destroy contaminants and it removes existing viruses, bacteria, allergens, and odors of the water.

Because of its compact, filter less, and smart design, it can be installed anywhere in the showers, bathtubs, kitchen sinks etc.

It creates a high electrostatic field and activates water ions that substantially prevents the formation of lime and rust all around the pipes.


  • Installation in bathroom showers, bathtubs, kitchen sinks as a tiny water softener using the electrostatic field
  • To improve the quality of flowing water and usage

Main function (characteristic)

  • The ability to lower the hardness of water (soft water), improve water quality, and sterilize bacteria
  • A product that can be used to moisturize dry skin such as atopic dermatitis, improve dermatitis, etc.

Product Size

Diameter 62mm x Total length 150mm (General type)

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Wellis Air uses (OH) Radical technology to eliminate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, harmful gases, mold, and other airborne or surface contaminants. See our process in action on our OH Technology page.